Clever COVID Wedding Favors!

Article by: Melody Fanning

Covid-19, the unwanted wedding guest…

We know that getting married right now, or even a little later in the future might not give you the “picture perfect” wedding, but look on the bright side, it’s a wedding NOBODY will forget. Here are some cute and funny wedding favors that your guests will love!

Photo Credit: Amazon

According to the EPA Clorox, Purell, and Lysol are cleaning disinfectants that possibly kill corona-virus. Consider purchasing these miniature hand sanitizers, they might be the perfect wedding favor this season! I would also think about having hand sanitizer, wipes, or some type of disinfectant accessible in high usage/busy areas.

Photo Credit: Wedding Tokens

Roll with the flow and give your guests a wedding favor that they can use. Plus, it will give them a good laugh!

Photo Credit: Etsy

Even though you want to give everyone the biggest hugs, its best to stay 6 feet apart or be safe with elbow and fist bumps. But you can also let them know how much you really love and miss them by giving out this super cute candle as a wedding favor!

Photo Credit: pinterest

Give out these adorable tissue packages with your own little thank you notes! Your guests will definitely be needing them when they see you walk down the isle. Only happy tears here!

Photo Credit: Zazzle

Lastly, give your wedding guests something they wont forget, a cute mask embroidered with your wedding date and name. Your wedding will be unlike any other, and that’s okay because it will be memorable in it’s own special way. We’re always faced with so many challenges in life, this is just another challenge that we have get through, together!