Here is why Weekday Weddings are Awesome!

Article by: Melody Fanning

If your venue is not available for a Saturday wedding, you might just opt for a Friday or Sunday. But sometimes that isn’t always an option. Don’t be scared of weekday weddings! It is important to be open minded, especially right now! Many 2020 weddings have been postponed due to the corona-virus, and need to be rescheduled. That is quite a few weddings, which means dates are going fast. If your weekend date didn’t work out, don’t worry! Here are a few reasons to consider a weekday wedding.

Photo Credit: Caroline Yoon

They are trending in 2020!

Many people are looking for dates to reschedule their big day, so don’t feel weird about having a weekday wedding, they are going to be pretty common this year.

Most people have or are going to change their date

One in five are changing their wedding date, and between the months of May to December 2020, over 63,000 couples have now set ceremony dates for Mondays. Talk it out with your partner and really decide what is more important, the date or the venue?

Photo Credit: Caroline Yoon

You Can Change the Format of the Events

With a weekday wedding there is flexibility with scheduling events. Welcome party, wedding, brunch. Give your guests some unexpected moments! If you were going to have a welcome dinner the day before the wedding, maybe change it to a post wedding dinner. That way you can get a chance to reconnect after a night of fun and keep celebrating!

Weekday Weddings Work!

If you are unable to get your desired weekend date then you should start looking at other days of the week, specifically Mondays. A Monday wedding increases the chance that your original team of vendors will be available. It also follows a weekend, which will give your guests time to travel and settle. You might also plan a warm welcome party where your loved ones can connect and really prepare themselves for your big day!