Spice Up Your Winter Wedding

By Marie Davis

Picture by: Adam Michael

Winter Wedding Tips

Make sure to have a signature drink or food item that relates to the holiday feel, it will give your wedding a little extra holiday cheer! 

  • Egg Nog Martinis
  • Cranberry Spritzers
  • Pomegranate Splashed Champagne
  • Wreath Shaped Spinach Pastries
  • Holiday Cookie & Cocoa Bar

You could also consider having mini stockings stuffed with mints or other goodies as your wedding favors!

Give major heads up to your guests 

A lot of people plan trips or even just have other family plans around the holidays so beware of the possible low amount of RSVP’s 

Everything might be a little pricier around this time of year, so remember to take this into consideration when booking your venue, and solidifying hotel blocks

 This is also vacation season, meaning hotels, airfare, etc. Will be at an all-time high. 

Holiday weddings should be black tie events

Make it more formal, gives it a special part of your day and gives everyone to dress up for a big fun event! 

Photo: Rachel Rodgers

If you’re planning a NYE Wedding, be sure to host until at least 12:30am

This way you can celebrate the new year with not only a new spouse but all your family and friends as well. 

Make your décor celebrate the holiday but also you 

Including sparklers, some fake snow, and even some holiday colors! 

Photo: The Drake Hotel

Emergency Wedding Kit Must Have’s!

By Marie Davis

Picture by: BlushPrintables

Day of Emergency Kit 

Double stick fashion tape 

You never want a wardrobe malfunction, so use this tape to prevent that stay bra strap or securing your wedding dress 

Sewing kit 

Get a kit that has mini scissors, thread, and needles. This will allow to you make quick fixes, cut off loose threads and snip off tags 

Safety pins 

Buying a kit with assorted sized because you never know when you will need one 

Stain remover pen 

This is the end all be all!! You never know what is going to happen! 

Picture by: Lotch and Key

Anti-blister balm 

Got those new shoes just for the wedding? Prevent them with anti-blister balm 

Portable steamer 

Not having to lug around a big heavy steamer will save you some time and energy 

Lint roller 

Using a lint roller will get rid of all that pesky hair that falls on you while you are getting ready! 

Hair spray 

Just some touch ups to keep your hair nice and tidy 

Pain reliever 

Just in case you have cramps or just a migraine your wedding day should not be stressful 

Blotting papers 

Getting the oil off your face before you walk down the aisle to make those pictures look perfect! 


You will probably shed a few happy tears so make sure to have some tissues handy! 

Picture by: Dove
Picture by: Kleenex


Just to make sure to stay refreshed and not sweating while walking down the aisle! 

Lip gloss 

For touch ups, and have pretty lips for that big I DO kiss 

Picture by: Victoria Beckham Beauty


You won’t be eating a lot because of nerves, and then you’ll be starving! So pack a snack!!! 

A Shot 

Calm your nerves and knock one back! 

Bobby pins 

Just in case anything falls out or needs to be put back in place. 

Picture by: Mane Message
Picture by: Walgreens


Have fresh minty breath when going in for the newlywed kiss! 


I know, I know, BUT you’ll be glad you have it with you if your nerves decide to mess with your tummy pre-vows.