9 Ways To Style Your Veil

By Marie Davis

Picture by: Cosmopolitan

Uniquely Styling Your Veil

Classic Low bun with a veil on top

  • A classic look that any bride could wear. This is a low textured bun with the veil pinned perfectly in place on top. This gives a simple but glamorous look for anyone’s big day!

Fate Juliet Cap

  • A name taken from Shakespeare himself. This is a veil/cap made with tulle and different details that sit on your head as a cap but flows as a veil.

Threaded Through veil

  • This could be another take if you want a layered look but without all the pinning. You slip one end of the veil through the bottom of your bun, and bring it out to the other side. This could be a fun and effortless way to use less bobby pins!
Photo by: Britten Weddings

Chapel veil

  • This is the most common veil; it is a 2-layer veil meant to give length and definition to the bride and the dress. This is fastened on top of the bride’s head to carry the weight of the veil.

Veil w/ Tiara

  • This royal look is paired with soft Hollywood curls, and a veil attached at the base of the tiara to give a classy elegant look.

Embellish with some flowers

  • You could use your veil to add some color or texture. This means adding some flowers to your veil to give it a bit of color and flare.
Photo by: Grace and Light Photo

Mantilla Veil

  • A traditional Spanish veil that is lined with detailed lace that is placed on your head lightly. This is a very elegant and sleek look for any bride. You could pair this veil with a sleek bun or soft glamorous waves. 

Short light veil

  • A veil perfect for that vintage look or a bride with shorter hair. This veil can be pinned, clipped, or even put on a hat for the bride.

Cathedral Veil

  • A statement piece for every bride. This is a traditional veil that will go with any luxury classic dress. This is a perfect veil to fit with a long train.

Involving Step Parents in Your Wedding

By Marie Davis

Picture by: Vue Photography

Involve All Your Parents

Walking Down the Aisle

The bridal entrance is traditionally escorted by the father of the bride, but in some cases sharing that moment with your stepfather is just as important. You could even do a halfwalk, where a step parent walks you halfway down the aisle, and your biological parent can take you the rest of the way.

Pledge of Support

Have each set of parents pledge their support, meaning that they have a speech during the ceremony stating that they support your decision to marry.

Parent Dances

You can include step father/mother dances to incorporate them in a special moment at your reception.


Have everyone have a little hand in a project that has to do with your wedding, so everyone feels included and loved.

Photo by: Wedessence

Boutonniere and Corsages

Everyone should have flowers because they are all your family. If you want to make them a special part of your wedding, this is something that will show them a little extra love. 

Dress Shopping

Try to include your step-mother/father in your dress shopping plans because it’s the little things like inviting them to pick out the dress of your dreams that will melt their hearts.


When writing in the mother and father, include the step-parents names if they want to be recognized. They are just as much your parent if you would like them to be.


Make sure to recognize everyone that got you where you are today, including step or biological parents because they are always there for you no matter what through thick and thin.