Planning an event can be overwhelming and stressful.  We’re here to make it stress-free and FUN!  Check out our cozy planning office… We’ve created a space that is comfortable and relaxing, to remind you that we’re your girls, and we’re here to help!  

Hi, my name is Dori Abell, owner of Allegro Entertainment, and I’ve just celebrated 12 glorious years working as a wedding professional in St. Louis, MO. Along side me, we have Maggie Winchell & Maddie Brueggemann…

The three of us make up the “behind the scenes” aspect of Allegro Entertainment.  We’re the planners, the gophers, the setup support, the phone attendants, the email responders, the listeners, the visionaries, and the OMG!!!! WE’RE SUPER PUMPED side-kicks for your special day!  We’ll be your ninja guides and cheerleaders from beginning to finish of your event.