Wedding Cake Trends

Aside from the happy couple, the centerpiece of any wedding is, of course, the cake! Whether it’s a humble creation for a modest affair or a sculptural monument for a gala event, wedding cakes are what capture your guests’ attention most. Not only are they the confectionary pinnacle of the celebration, they’re also a symbol of union and exchange; when the bride and groom cut the cake and share the first slice, they’re enacting cooperation and commitment to nourishing and taking care of one another. And when all eyes are on the masterpiece from the start of the reception right up until the big moment, the cake is in the spotlight. 

With influencers creating masterful cakes in new styles literally every day, there’s an exciting and diverse range of designs to choose from, something for any and every couple’s tastes. Because it can be difficult to decide – and because traditional wedding cakes just won’t cut it for your special day – we’ve rounded up some cake trends we think will be setting off sparks for the 2021 wedding season. 

Tall Towers – Think thin when it comes to cakes this year. Tall, narrow columns of confectionary goodness stacked two tiers high make a striking visual impression. 

Mini-Cakes—Having a small, elegant cake represent the festive occasion with a larger cake stored in a fridge for cutting and serving at the right moment addresses hygiene protocols that come with a COVID-era wedding. But small needn’t be less than; there can be great artistic impact in a small cake on a well-chosen pedestal surrounded by themed décor that fill out the display.  

Thoughtful Design— Step away from traditional flower sprays and vining ivy to add more personalized elements that speak of the happy couple. Gold and stone veining, candy crystal geodes, faux paper wrapping or impressionist frosting details will stun your guests with an artful display, one with significance beyond being the centerpiece of the celebration.

All Things Buttercream—Fondant moves aside in favor of minimalistic tone-on-tone buttercream piping that can be made modern or traditional with a twist of the frosting tube. Think sculptural designs, fabric recreations and bas-relief bands of detailed design to maximize the shape and shadow rendering that will lend an understated elegance to your cake. 

Individual Desserts—For the ultimate in safety among your guests, individualized desserts that reach beyond cake can be presented in lovely packages that ensure each serving is sealed until presented. Color-themed macarons, detailed sugar cookies decorated in wedding colors, handmade candies and custom-flavored chocolates all lend a distinctive touch. 

No matter what style you choose—something modern or a more traditional idea—your cake is bound to be a celebration in and of itself. The most important thing to consider is that it reflects the tastes of the happy couple. And as long as it does, it will be the perfect cake for a perfect occasion!