5 Sassy Signature Ways to Spice Up Your Covid Wedding

By Marie Davis

Picture by: Maegan Puett

Wedding tailgate 

Photo by Melissa Glynn Photography

Have a good time with friends and enjoy your day. This will include all the fun things of a tailgate; you can even walk through like a parade. You have all the good food, and amazing people but just a bit more fun for a smaller group. 

Custom Masks 

Photo by Winnie Couture

Have customs masks made for your wedding day! (Check out YippeeWear for your own custom creations!) This will allow you to be safe but also be gorgeous/handsome on your big day! 

Cute Deck Décor

Photo by Walmart

If it is just you two for a wedding, do something special like a lit up/decorated porch to surprise your spouse. This will allow you to have some time to enjoy the very sliver time period where life doesn’t seem crazy. 

Have some preordered speeches ready to play? 

Photo By: Sean Steuer

This means when it is just you two celebrating at home you can have people send in their best wishes/speeches to make up for not being able to celebrate in person! This is awesome for family to tell the person getting married about good memories! 

Drive Up Wedding 

Photo By: F2.0Visuals

Finally, my favorite would be a drive-up wedding. Everyone pulls into a lot in their car and the light will all point at the bride and groom. This adds a fun touch of romance, but also having some friends doing silly things with you helps. This could include popcorn and slushies even!!