The Best of 2020 Wedding Trends

Photo by: Obradovic/Getty Images

By Marie Davis


Flower/Grass Walls 

This year has been a huge hit on Grass and or Flower walls with neon signs on them. It has been going on for a while, yet we have seen an increase in the Midwest. This trend is a gorgeous idea, can add a lot of depth to a venue, and is great for pictures! However, they are not the most cost-effective thing to have at a wedding unless you DIY it all yourself. 

Photo by: Photostudioprojects

Bright Colors: 

People have been moving away from light pastels and neutrals and going with a pop of bright color with cool tones to tone it down. This is a refreshing take on wedding colors compared to the Rose Gold & blush trend in the past years. This pairing has made an enormous difference in weddings as it makes everything more exciting and just that more gorgeous 

Photo By: Love the Nelsons

Small Guest Counts, Big Celebrations 

This year since Covid has hit a big trend is having small gathers but celebrating to the fullest. This could mean from a virtual point of view or in person. People are starting to take multiple days to rest and recover from weddings and making it apart of scheduled wedding events. 

Photo By: Grady Savage

Eco-Friendly Weddings  

People have been increasingly conscious about the earth and what they can to promote less waste and people are including this on their wedding day as well. This means having recycling bins, using real dishware, just making sure to thrift their wedding décor and just being more aware of what they are wasting in one day. This also includes caterers who only will work with you if you are using biodegradable utensils/plates. 

Photo By: Rome&ItalyWeddingServices

Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses 

This year people are opting more either an extremely simple look or a over the top style. This meaning people are sticking with basic satin a very royal looking, or something with a lot of detail, sparkle, poof, the whole 9 yards. 

Photo by: Eleanor Jones

Switching Up the Food 

A lot of people are moving towards nontraditional food items. This would include hiring a private chef to do everything for the night and have a personalized dinner for your special day. Another very popular thing is Food Trucks. Brides are hiring different food trucks to come to their wedding venues and serve food for a couple of hours, allowing them to have different and easy options. 

Photo By: Sarah Yates