10 Things to Know When Choosing A Wedding Cake

By Kathy Beaver Photography

Picture by: Jose Villa

Head Count 

Make sure you know the number of people attending the reception before setting the “perfect” design for your wedding cake this is so the baker can get the size and quantity right for you! 

Matched Baked in Heaven 

Find a baker who connects with you and has some of the same style. This will ensure that they fulfill the true aesthetic of your wedding. However, you must communicate and be honest with them if you want it your way! 


Make sure to ask all the right questions! This includes: What custom designs will you do? Are they extra? When are my deposit or fees due? Do you include set up and stands in the fees? 

Save your Money! 

Using a smaller budget is okay, just figure out how you want to fit it into your cake/desserts! A budget friendly alternative is to have a small personalized tiered cake, then either have cupcakes or a dessert table! 

Different Desserts 

Include this unique take on a “cake table” and instead do a dessert table. This could mean donuts, mini pies, cookies, etc. This is a great alternative and can give people so many options to choose from! 

Photo by: D3WoodDesigns

Cakes Don’t have to be traditional 

This can mean that you can have a different flavor cake, and even different flavor layers. This would put a spin on things and give you the option of choosing something specific to you on your wedding day! 

Match your theme 

Make sure to communicate with your baker and match your cake to your theme, this will help tie everything together on your big day! 


Consider the weather into your big day if you’re having an outdoor wedding. Buttercream will melt like nobody’s business if not kept cold. So, allow time for the baker to bring the cake out closer to cutting the cake. 

Let the Professionals Do the work! 

Have them do all the work; it is your big day you should not have to worry about a thing except getting married. This means communicate with them beforehand about setup locations, how, when, and where! This will allow everything to run smoothly. 

Keeping the Wedding Spirits Alive 

Remember that after your wedding you’re supposed to keep the top tier of your cake in the freezer and eat it on your 1st anniversary for good luck!