11 Reasons Faux Flowers are Fabulous

Photo by: KnitKnotSpace

By Marie Davis


Use faux flowers to your advantage!

-Real flowers are expensive. They cost so much more than faux flowers, yet they look just as gorgeous 

-There are so many kinds of faux flowers, this includes silk flowers which are very natural looking for your center pieces or your bouquet 

-You can rent faux flowers. This allows you to check a catalog and figure out exactly what you want, and they ship them to you. You only must ship them back after your wedding! This is a cost-effective way to have gorgeous flowers, and not wasting anything. 

-More than likely your guests will not be able to tell the difference, unless they go up and smell/feel them, and even if they do, they aren’t as focused on the flowers as they are on food and music. 

Photo by: The Faux Bouquet

-You can buy in bulk online which is a huge help 

-You can keep your flowers forever without them dying 

-You can order these months in advance so you’re not spending every ounce of money at once 

-Faux flowers are more durable, so they will not fall apart on your big day! 

-Never worry about your flowers being in season! 

-Allergen free 

-Get them in any color you want! 

Photo by: Windywindyhelo