The 5 Biggest 2020 Wedding Trends You Need to Know

By Kim Forrest

Our 2020 wedding trends are ideal starting points as you plan your celebration. Whether you’re into ‘90s nostalgia or going eco-friendly, these ideas can work for every wedding style and personality!

moon bounce

Here’s the thing about wedding trends—they don’t really matter all that much. We know, that may sound weird coming from a wedding-focused company, but it’s the truth. Yes, it’s nice to familiarize yourself with 2020 wedding trends if you’re getting married soon, but remember that your wedding should be all about you and your partner. If some of these trends resonate with you and you’d like to use them in your wedding, awesome. If not, no biggie. You’ll find that these 2020 wedding trends are less specific and more open to interpretation (no “pampas grass is the new greenery” here) so you can take your own spin on them. Because after all, the things that make your wedding unique are the things that make them amazing.

On that note, here are the top 2020 wedding trends to consider incorporating into your own celebration.


1. ’90s babies are getting married—and featuring unique nostalgic elements in their weddings.

The average age of a person getting married in 2020 is 33, meaning that many soon-to-be weds came of age in the 1990s. So it’s not too surprising that couples are looking to that decade to infuse their event with a dose of nostalgia. Some of the 2020 wedding trends that hearken back to the ‘90s include holographic and iridescent stationery elements (hello, Lisa Frank!), as well as celestial-inspired details (an updated take on those glow-in-the-dark stars every ‘90s kid had on their ceilings). From a fashion perspective, minimalist gowns a la the ultimate ‘90s bride, Carolyn Bessette, are trending, as are accessorizing with barrettes. For a #tbt-meets-wedding vibe, ‘90s babies are even including all-white moon bounces (an elevated take on the beloved birthday party entertainment) as a throwback activity guests will love.

velvet lounge

2. The “grandmillennial” look is the new vintage.  

Today’s couples are embracing the look of yesteryear. No, we’re not talking about the 1920s Art Deco vibe or the early 20th century Downton Abbey style that gained popularity in recent years. We’re talking about a modern take on the looks our grandparents loved—putting an eclectic twist on super-feminine patterns and details (think The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel meets Glossier). For example, pastel hues like pistachio green, lavender, and butter yellow are popping up more than ever, as well as grandma-inspired décor elements such as dried flowers, wallpaper, and ribbon. We’re also loving how today’s couples are mixing and matching patterns popularized in years past, such as buffalo check, gingham, toile, bold florals, and Chinoiserie. Expect to also see richer textures, like velvet, on the rise as 2020 wedding trends for both wedding décor and attire.

beer tap

3. Yes, Instagram-worthy wedding details are trending—but they have to feel personal, too. 

Here’s the ultimate challenge for today’s soon-to-be weds: Create an event that feels personal but that’s also good for the ‘gram. One of the best ways to do this is through food. From conveyer belt hors d’oeuvres to vending machine-style champagne stations, abundant charcuterie board centerpieces to unique non-cake cakes such as cookies, cinnamon buns, and pancakes, couples (and their caterers) are letting their creativity shine during every menu course. Unique escort cards provide another opportunity to surprise and delight—we’ve seen everything from coconuts to shots of liquor, baguettes to pins directing guests to their tables. Couples are even taking Instagram-worthy entertainment to the next level—in the bathroom, stationing tarot card readers, champagne stations, and other fun activities near or even inside the restrooms. Couples are also taking an Instagram-worthy yet personal twist with their wedding portraits—instead of taking romantic photos in picturesque gardens or parks, they’re heading to their favorite fast-food eateries or coffee shops to enjoy #eeeeats while wearing their wedding finery.

drunk on love napkins

4. When it comes to wedding decor, the bolder, the better. 

If we could sum up our 2020 wedding trends in one phrase, it would be this: Go bold or go home. No longer are couples concerned about wedding details being “too much”—they’re embracing wow-worthy visual and tactile experiences like never before. Whether it’s donning a maximalist wedding dress with lots of embellishments, exaggerated sleeves, and ball gown skirts, including statement décor such as metallic spray-painted flowers or hanging floral centerpieces, or including sassier language or puns that would make Grandma blush on neon or letterboard signage or stationery (hello “drunk in love”, “sh*t just got real”, or “you guac my world”), couples aren’t afraid to take their wedding details to the next level.

charitable favors

5. Couples are thinking about the bigger picture—not just their wedding, but how it can impact the world.

Sustainability is not just a 2020 wedding trend—it’s a way of life, and that extends to planning a wedding with the environment top of mind. For example, the micro wedding trend is gaining traction as couples strive to create a smaller environmental footprint with their big days. Décor elements are being reused—from ceremony structures repurposed for the reception space to bouquets doubling as centerpieces. On the culinary front, we can also expect to see more meatless weddings, or weddings that feature inclusive menus that appeals to guests with different dietary needs and restrictions. Edible flowers are a no-waste way to adorn ice cubes, desserts, salads, and more. And charitable favors—allowing the couple to donate to a meaningful cause—aren’t going anywhere.