Fun & Fabulous Send-Off Ideas

When the party comes to an end, what better way to say Sayonara the going out in style! We’ve compiled the TOP 5 fun and fabulous send-off ideas for your wedding…

Actual footage from an Allegro Wedding – April 20th 2019 – Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Zakaria
-Article by Dori Abell

sensational sparkler send-off

If you’re looking for a razzle-dazzle send-off to wrap up your wedding night, it’s got to be sparklers! The excitement of cheerful pom-poms dancing you to your car is the perfect way to cap off an epic evening. Here are a few tips to pull off this fashionable farewell:

  • GET APPROVAL: Since sparklers are considered a fire hazard, you’ll need to make sure that your wedding venue allows them…..This MUST be your first step.
  • CREATE A TEAM: Time is of the essence, and to create a perfectly choreographed photo or video, you need to make sure everyone has their sparklers lit at the same time. To do this, you’ll want to delegate 5-6 friends to run the show. They will be responsible for lining up your guests into two rows, AND synchronizing the cue to light.
  • PRO FIRE: Forget about matches or lighters… those can blow out at the slightest breeze, and take too long to light. You’ll want to purchase firework spunks OR canned sternos to be used as your fire source. Your “Sparkler Team” will be in charge of lighting these, and sharing the flame with your guests, at the proper time.
  • SAFEFY FIRST! Without a doubt, you will need to have buckets of water on hand for guests to put out their sparklers, or to use in case anything goes off course. Make a trip to your local dollar store and pick up 4-5 buckets….Maybe even find some in your wedding colors!!! Your “Sparkler Team” will fill them with water and bring them outside in preparation, before sending guests outside.

vintage tin can congrats

Photo Credit: TheKnot

Let’s go back to a throw back! Nothing symbolizes a newlywed couple like a car rolling down the street with the cling-clang-congratulations of tin cans tied to the back bumper. It’s a classic! Speaking of classic, bonus points if you and your love-bug think ahead to rent a vintage vehicle as your getaway car! Check out the beauties available through BEST Transportation in St. Louis, MO.

go-go with glow sticks

Not into the whole “lighting things on fire” route, no problem! Glow sticks are a cool and colorful alternative to sparklers, PLUS they’re affordable AND double as a take home favor for your friends and family. Wait until you see these personalized options at

bye bye birdie

Photographer: A Sweet Focus

Wanna be a sweety to tweety? Have your wedding guests toss bird seed in lieu of rice or confetti. For one, you’ll be offering up some yum-yums for the feathery friends who attended your wedding uninvited, AND two, your send-off will be MUCH more earth friendly than a tornado of torn-up tinsel.

lifting up love with lanterns


HELLO HOLLYWOOD MAGIC! Cue the romantic movie music♥
Lantern send-offs are by far, THE MOST fairy-tail too-da-loo of all time!
The whimsical drifting and lifting of candle light, painting a dreamy display across the night sky, is a breathtaking sight to share with loved ones. Here’s the catch…. these fire filled floaters are banned in most counties due to the nature of them being paper…. on fire…. freely flying overhead. Need I say more?

….Just be sure to check with your venue before planning any special send-off, of any kind. You’ll want to fully understand all rules and regulations so you can have a heads up, before you head out.