Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Not sure what to gift your bridesmaids ahead of your wedding day? We get it. Finding the perfect present that will make everyone happy can be a challenge. Your crew is a mix of different personalities, each with their own style and interests.

The gift itself can differ depending on what you’re looking for, whether it’s something poignant and meaningful like a personalized portrait of the two of you or just fun accessories like a cute clutch for a summer wedding. The choices can be overwhelming, to say the least!

Another fun idea is a “Bridesmaids Survival Kit” that includes the essentials for making their day just as fun and amazing as your own. Including aspirin, band-aids, gum/mints, tape to avoid wardrobe, um, malfunctions (haha), water and flip flops all in a little cute personalized tote bag.

Here at Allegro we can help come up with fun ideas that all of your bridesmaids will love! Just ask!