Do I Need A Wedding Planner?

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We strongly recommend hiring a wedding planner for many reasons, and in today’s blog, we’re going to break down the 5 most important reasons why…

why reinvent the wheel?

When entering into the “World of Weddings”, most newly engaged couples only have a rough idea of all the details and decisions that go into planning a wedding. For this reason, the task can be exciting at first, then stressful and daunting after a few months of emails, phone calls, and surfing the internet for information on vendors and “helpful planning tools”.

Hiring a planner helps to alleviate your “wandering into the unknown alone”, by keeping you on track with what you want and need, while sticking to a game plan. A lot of people think, “But hiring a planner is an added expense that I can’t afford”……. when really in hindsight, you end up saving money AND time by working with a professional.

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Planning a budget

Coming up with a grand total ahead of time, creates a financial picture for your wedding day. The budget you create will ultimately dictate how the “must-haves”, “would-love-to-include”, and “can-do-withouts” intermingle with one another.

A professional wedding planner has the experience and knowledge to be able to listen to your vision, and create a version of it, that fits your budget. One of the other advantages they have, is their connections to other wedding professionals. A wedding planner knows who they can go to for different products & services, AND have a good idea of how much things will cost.

vendor connections

It’s good to have friends, and it’s even BETTER to be working with a wedding planner who has a LOT of friends in the wedding industry! When it comes to choosing vendors to provide services for your wedding day, it can be confusing and overwhelming making decisions based on websites, social media, and online reviews. Every company is putting their best foot forward online, so they all look amazing. Having a wedding planner means you may get special treatment and extra perks PLUS being referred to the very best vendors in town.

knowing the flow

If someone were to ask you how the flow of your event would go, you would probably have a good idea of the order of things, but I can promise you that there are so many intricate details that need to happen behind the scenes in order for everything to run smoothly.

For instance, when you go to a restaurant, you know how to read a menu and give an order to a server, but do you now how the server gets the order to the kitchen, or how the kitchen works together to prepare the special entreés and side dishes? Or how the staff is scheduled, and what their job details are? Nope. And that’s OKAY! That’s why you pay to go out to dinner….. To enjoy special experience, and delightful meal out on the town with family or friends without having to worry about grocery shopping, cooking, or cleaning.

Isn’t your WEDDING DAY one of the most important special occasions of your life?
Yes it is. Why would you want to have to figure out the flow of making all the pieces come together on your own?

Divine Events

hire the crew

Last but not least, it takes a village. As much as I wish they did, linens don’t place themselves on tables, candles can’t light themselves, flowers can’t be arranged on their own, chairs can’t dress themselves in chair covers, nor can these items back themselves up at the end of the night without anyone helping. One of the most common “ideas” is to delegate to-do lists to family and friends to help accomplish the job. The same family and friends who got dressed in heels, hair & makeup hours before your wedding started, who will have been talking, dancing, and drinking with other guests throughout the night, and who will probably not be up for the job when the time comes around. This is why you hire a planner.

Most wedding planners offer packages that include a professional team to help with setup, running the timeline, and packing up decor at the end of the night. This is the best option, because all of the work is done for you without having to “employ” family & friends to help, making it possible for EVERYONE to enjoy your special day, without a care in the world!♥