What Is A Gobo Light?

Wikipedia describes a gobo as a stencil or template placed inside or in front of a light source to control the shape of the emitted light. Lighting designers typically use them with stage lighting instruments to manipulate the shape of the light cast over a space or object—for example to produce a pattern of leaves on a stage floor.

In the wedding industry, we create custom monogram designs for our clients, in order to project their names, wedding date, or special detailing onto the dance floor or a blank wall.

At Allegro Entertainment, we have a graphic designer on staff who works directly with our couples in personalizing the perfect gobo lens to enhance their wedding day decor.

Once created, our couples will get to keep their mirrored glass gobo lens as a keepsake, PLUS they will also have their own custom monogram design to use on other projects (ie. etched into champagne flutes, stitched onto bath towels, printed onto coffee mugs, etc.)