How To Throw A Tasteful Halloween Themed Wedding

According to Lauren Matthews of, using the macabre holiday as a wedding theme can actually result in a stylish wedding! This blog post features some of her “Tricks & Treats” about planning the perfect Halloween themed event!

The Look

“To create a dramatic, slightly gothic atmosphere, hang rented antique crystal chandeliers from the ceiling,” says Diamondstein-Cieplinska. “Place large arrangements of natural branches—no leaves—in mercury glass vessels on the floor throughout the space. Use an eclectic mix of crystal goblets, white china, black chargers, and black napkins with silver napkin holders. I’d also fill mercury glass or brushed gold candelabras and candlesticks with white candles dripping wax. Arrangements of white blossoms—like hydrangeas and garden roses—of different heights and sizes would be interspersed throughout the tablescape.” If the space has a fireplace, light it to cast a magical—as in, Victorian séance—glow, or fill it with pillar candles of various heights.

At the ceremony, surround the altar with clusters of pillar candles and overflowing arrangements of blood-red blooms, or hang a black crystal chandelier at the end of the aisle. For the reception, set each guest’s place with matte gold flatware and black wine glasses, and use feathers calligraphed in gold ink as place cards. Top an ornate black lace runner with vintage vessels full of black forest calla lilies, dahlias, and garden roses, surrounded by white pumpkins, persimmons, and figs, and light as many candles as you can. For a slightly spooky twist, take inspiration from Dia de los Muertos: Add elegant and ornate skull designs and adopt “Until Death Do Us Part” as your style mantra—it’s equally romantic and macabre.