Hottest Wedding Trends For 2020

According to, here are some of the Hottest upcoming trends for weddings in 2020…

1.) BRIDAL DRESSES – Sleeves and pockets are making a big come back in 2020.

2.) GIANT CENTERPIECES – Over the top greenery and large decor, think huge balloons, for tables are being used as statement pieces.

3.) INTIMATE WEDDINGS – While the centerpieces may be increasing in size, the number of wedding guests is forecast to be decreasing, predicting that couples are choosing to have smaller, more intimate wedding celebrations.

4.) BEAUTIFUL LIGHTING – One of the hottest must-haves for all 2020 weddings will be gorgeous lighting effects including uplighting, pin-spotting, twinkle accents, monogram gobos, and more.

5.) BLEACHED CORAL – The Pantone Color for 2020 is a simple, yet stunning, island inspired soft hue of blue.