WEDDING SPOTLIGHT – Mitchell & Courtney

Mitchell & Courtney’s Dream Wedding took place in downtown St. Louis. You’ll love the vibrant hues of teal & gold color palette, just as much as you’ll enjoy reading this love story!

Mitchell & courtney’s dream wedding

The Dream Team

Ceremony: Old Basilca of St. Louis website 
Officiant: Monsignor Dennis Stehly website
Reception Site: Clayton Plaza Hotel website
DJ & Lighting Company: Allegro Entertainment website
Cake: Celebrating Life Cakes website
Tuxedos: Men’s Warehouse website
Bridal Gown: Something New Boutique website
Bridesmaids Dresses: Mia Grace Bridal website
Photography & Video: Strike A Pose website
Florist: Lawrence Florist website
Rehearsal Dinner: CJ Muggs website
Hair: Margarita Zhukova at Salon Lofts website
Make-Up: Maddy Grace Styles website
DIY:(Courtney Kincaid) Invitations, Centerpieces, Monogram, Name Cards, and Ceremony Programs

The dream proposal

On July 15, 2017, Courtney arrived home after working an early morning shift, to find her out of town guests were still sleeping. Her boyfriend Mitchell suggested they kill some time by taking a drive through Colorado Springs, and into the Rocky Mountains. This was a trip they made regularly, but the weather was nice and the time away would give their friends some privacy to wake up and get ready for the day. The couple drove up into the mountains to one of their favorite lookout points and marveled at the magnificent views surrounding them. As they walked over and sat down, Mitchell leaned over to Courtney and asked her, “Can you hold this?” 

Sitting on a rock ledge, overlooking a canyon, she tightly gripped the little black ring box while shaking with shock. He instructed her to open the box slowly, and as she did, he pulled out his phone. Nestled in the satin cushion was a radiant black diamond. Mitchell pulled out his phone, and began reading the significance of the black diamond…

“For centuries, black diamonds have been closely associated with passion, action, and energy. It is believed that whoever wears black diamonds will have increased inner strength, abundance, clarity, and balance in their life, and in their relationships. Diamonds are used in wedding rings since they are the hardest natural material, that symbolizes eternal, flawless and unchanging love.”

Then placing his phone back in his pocket, Mitchell looked at Courtney and said, “We have been through so much together in the last 5 years, and there are going to be many more good and bad times to come. I cannot imagine going through those without you. I want to face life, and all that it brings, together; the good and bad. I love you so much! Courtney Anne Stazzone will you marry me?” 

Still gripping the ring box tightly with both hands, Courtney looked back with a smile, then said “yes” in a whisper, followed by a louder resounding “YES!!!” They reached for each other and shared a kiss.

“We are going to be making decisions together as a couple for the rest of our lives, and I want to start by deciding on what your engagement band looks like, together.” 

Mitchell pulled out a pamphlet and showed it to Courtney. They had an upcoming appointment at Kay Jewelers to design their own wedding bands, and Mitchell already had a few ideas he was excited to share!

The newly engaged couple joyfully walked back to their car and called up their out of town guests to meet them for lunch to celebrate the special occasion! 

what was your favorite wedding day memory?

Mitchell’s favorite wedding day memory was the surprise carriage ride waiting for them outside of the church. Courtney had two favorite memories… Her first favorite was her father’s reaction to seeing her for the first time in her wedding dress.  Her other favorite memory was holding Mitchell’s hand, and hearing his voice from the behind the door, just minutes before their ceremony. Since they still hadn’t seen each other yet, she loved the thrill of knowing they were just moments away from seeing one another as she’d be walking down the aisle.

where did you go on your honeymoon?

We decided to spend 2 nights and 2 days in Hermann, MO wine tasting at the wineries, shopping in the antique stores, and enjoying some peace and quiet by sleeping in a treehouse that is a Bed and Breakfast on the outskirts of town, called The Cottages. After spending 2 days there we went back to Chesterfield for another night with Courtney’s parents and then hit the road and drove home to Colorado Springs. We are now spending time relaxing, decorating, and organizing our new home without schedules for the next week and a half and catching up on our T.V shows while enjoying the wine we bought in Hermann.

how was your experience with allegro?

There are no real words to express how over the moon we are with our experience with Allegro Entertainment! From start to finish, the experience of working with them blew me away! 
As a bride, I was nervous, but knew what I wanted, and Dori made me feel relaxed, assured, and comfortable from the first meeting. She took the time to listen to what we were looking for, she was patient and kind with us as we made changes over and over again to the music, bridal party, and lighting. She even allowed me to design our own monogram for the gobo light on the floor, and continued to work with me to make sure that it would work and provided me a keepsake of it. The communication with her even on the night of the wedding was enjoyable as she helped keep the time schedule of cake, bouquet toss, and garter. She was kind and understanding. DJ James and Dori blew Mitchell and me away with how well things went for us at our reception. From the entrance, to the last song of the night, and then even the conversations following the wedding. There are not enough thanks that can be given to the both of them for how perfect and magical they made the reception for us and our guests! 
The dance floor was packed the entire evening, and our guests cannot stop talking about how much they enjoyed it. Even Mitchell and I cannot stop talking about how Allegro Entertainment made our night so amazing beyond our expectations and dreams. Could not have done it without them!

How’s married life so far?

It’s been a few months, but the weeks have been full of love, relaxation, and happiness. We feel that even after 6 years of dating, our relationship has been strengthened through our blessing of marriage. We are enjoying being Mr. and Mrs. Kincaid and growing as a married couple with each and every day.