Fun Wedding Invitation Ideas

Wedding invitations are the only part of your special day that will enter the homes of
your guests. They’re also one of the most personal elements of the entire event, one
that presents a couple’s personalities, interests, and artful aesthetic, which can set the
tone for the entire wedding. Knowing how much impact an invitation will have, you can
create an invitation that speaks very distinctly about you – anything goes! So how do
you start when searching for the perfect format for creating fun and highly personalized
wedding invitations? We’ve come up with a quick list of possibilities that should set you
on the right path. From photos to lettering, we’ve got your fun wedding invitation ideas

  1. Dramatic Portraits
    Photos of sweeping natural vistas, illuminated nighttime cityscapes, lush,
    wooded coves and sun-soaked meadows all make for beautiful portrait
    backgrounds, perfect for create a cozy photographic invitation. Not only do you
    capture a pre-wedding moment for your own preservation, but by printing the
    information on the back of the photo, your invitation becomes a lovely frameable
    keepsake for your guests as well. Make it even more personal by enlisting a
    photographer friend or family member to handle the shoot and help choose just
    the right location.
  2. Sweet Illustrations
    There are as many ways to present a happy couple in illustrated form as there
    are illustrators to create them. You can become Disney figures, storybook
    illustrations, boardwalk caricature or anime characters – whatever suits your
    sensibilities! If your social circle happens to include anyone who’s artfully
    inclined, you could recruit them for the cause. And if you don’t happen to know
    any illustrators, you can find many for hire on websites like Fiverr, Etsy or
    Instagram eager to whip up a charming sketch for the occasion. It’s a great
    opportunity to present a whimsical wedding theme into the invitations to start the
    event off in a colorful way.
  3. Beautiful Hand-lettering
    Calligraphy is a timeless touch that lends elegance to any invitation, especially
    when used on hand-addressed envelopes. With lettering artists abounding
    online these days, you’re sure to find one who can provide just the right script to
    suit your occasion. If your budget won’t allow for a personal calligrapher, there’s
    a world of free calligraphic and script-style fonts on the web that make fantastic
    stand-ins for hand-lettering. Some sites even allow you to enter your sample
    texts so you can see what the final product will look like.
  4. Quirky Presentation

If you’re a foodie or a wine lover, why not present the information on your
invitation as a menu or a wine list? Or if your pets are a part of the big day, what
if you let them do the inviting? There are limitless ways to work personal details
about your life into your wedding invitations to add a bit of fun quirk to the
design. You can research more coordinated options at print shops or seek out
designers or artists who’ll create bespoke formats that represent bride and
groom as uniquely individual. With an invitation so fun and personalized, your
friends and family will recognize and appreciate the announcement as soon as it

  1. Comical Text
    Let your sense of humor shine through in the way you call out your special
    occasion! Compose a few hilarious lines that explain where, when and what’s
    happening on your special day; remind your invitees to RSVP with a wisecrack
    about late-comers and no-shows. And include details like cash bar (if there is
    one), gift registries, special instructions like dinner choices, etc., all presented
    with a touch of wit that puts your guests at ease and announces the tone of the
    evening. The fun will begin for your guests long before the wedding!

These are just a few possibilities for creating fun invitations for your wedding…and
that’s not to mention the save the date cards! No matter what fun personalized path you
take, as long as your invitations have your own personal touch presented in a thoughtful
way that makes you happy, they’re sure to be a hit. Be sure you save a copy or two
—including envelopes — as keepsakes for your wedding album. You’ll have even more
treasured memories to relieve every time you open the cover and revisit your very
personalized wedding!