We are excited to share some talented performers for your next event!  Take your reception, gala, or fundraiser to the next level by adding a major dose of excitement and theatricals!

Flow Artists create an engaging and interactive element by demonstrating a variety of movement-based disciplines including dance, juggling, fire-spinning, and object manipulation.  Call us today or click our “Send Me Pricing” button.

Basic Performance (20 minutes)
1 performer, main stage, can coordinate with a DJ, band, or bring own music. Approximately 20 minutes of fire themed entertainment, anything from spinning fire staff, poi, hoop, fans, and other fun tools. Also fire breathing, eating, ‘fleshing’, painting. This is approximately 3 song lengths of high energy, exciting fire play.

Group Performance – (30-45 minutes)
3 Performers, main stage, can coordinate with a DJ, band, or bring own music. A rotating show from one performer to another, keeping the excitement rolling. Shows like this will have a variety of presentation, including a bit of a cross over between performers.

Night of Fire (60 – 105 minutes)
1 hour ambient fire performing from two performers to greet your guests, at either the entrance of the wedding, or reception. Then a 30-45 minute variety fire show during the reception to entertain. Set the mood as they come in, then blow them away with the show.

A Taste of Hawaii (15 – 20 minutes)
2 Hula dancers going through a 15 minute presentation of Hawaiian hula dancing, engaging the guests, and working through the crowd. Then 2 fire performers give a 15-20 fire show, dressed in either hula wear, or Hawaiian themed clothing. It’s a full luau experience.

Dark Carnival (*Booked By The Hour)
Up to 8-10 performers
A multitude of performers, dressed in dark colored, grungy, leathery outfits. Stilt walkers, jugglers, Power Lifters, Fire eaters/breathers, Fortune tellers, and acrobats galore! Your guests will be immersed in an exciting, wild environment, with surprises around every corner.