12 Tips for Designing the Ultimate Wedding Seating Chart

Article By: Kristi Kellogg and Jaimie Mackey

While assigned seating at a wedding certainly isn’t mandatory, most couples do opt to create a wedding seating chart. At any kind of sit-down dinner affair—including your wedding reception—assigned seats just tend to make things simpler. To begin with, it ensures each table will be filled to max capacity. And without assigned seating, for plated dinner service especially, things can quickly get confusing for the staff otherwise. In fact, many wedding reception venues actually require assigned reception seating.

Deciding on seating arrangements for your wedding guests can seem overwhelming at first—and trust us, we hear you. But once you get into the swing of things, it can actually be fun! To help the two of you get started, we’ve created the ultimate guide to planning out your wedding seating chart. With these expert rules of thumb, you’ll have it (almost) figured out in no time.


1. Decide on Table Shapes

Before you start seating guests, you’ll need to have a game plan for your tables, generally, as the size and shape will dictate how many guests can be seated at each one. When it comes to reception layout and table shapes, typically there are four standard options: round, rectangle, oval, and square. Different table shapes have their own benefits: Rectangular tables can fit a greater seated capacity into a space and it’s easier for guests to talk across them. Round tables, on the other hand, are the most traditional option and afford your guests more leg room.

2. Keep Your Friends Close

A head table with your wedding party (and their dates, if you’ve got the room!) is a great way to acknowledge their special role, as well as ensures you’re surrounded by your BFFs during the reception. Opting for a sweetheart table? Have your wedding party host tables, instead. Seat them with their dates and a group of other mutual friends. They should be seated at the third-best tables in the room: the first is your sweetheart table, the second-best table(s) are for your parents, and the third nearest table(s) are for your wedding party.

3. Figure Out Where You Want to Put Your Parents

Traditionally, all of the parents will share a table at the reception, along with grandparents and any siblings that aren’t in the wedding party. This gives everyone another chance to get to know each other and bask in the glow of your special day. While all of your guests will be thrilled to be there and share in your celebrations, no one will likely be as overjoyed as your parents—which is a wonderful thing for them to share together.

Of course, things can get tricky when you’re dealing with divorced parents (or other more complex family circumstances). If things are tense between certain key individuals, consider having two tables that are equally as close to the head table, and then put one at each table. That way, no one feels uncomfortable or left out. Another option: You can also consider seating them at the same rectangular table, but at opposite ends (and try to make the table long).

4. Enlist Your Parents’ Help to Seat Their Friends

If you have no idea where to seat your parents’ close friends, ask your mother and future mother-in-law (or whomever is closest to them) to help arrange those tables—they’ll be happy to be involved. Generally, it’s helpful to involve your parents in the seating chart process. If there’s room at the family table(s), for example, they’re sure to have an opinion on what close friends or other extended family members they might like to have seated at their table. And if there will be another family-and-friends table nearby, they may want to help choose those guests, too.

5. Organize Guests by Groups

Once you’ve finalized who’s coming, step one is to start grouping guests according to how you know them, such as: family members, high school friends, college friends, work friends, etc. This doesn’t mean you have to sit them according to group, but a picture will start to form of who already knows each other and gets along. In addition to grouping your guests by how you know them, you can also consider your guests’ age, interests, and backgrounds. Try to make everyone feel comfortable by offering a mix of familiar and new faces at each table. And, of course, be tactful: Absolutely avoid seating people together who have a history they wish they could forget.

6. Consider Making a Separate Kids’ Table

If you have several children as guests at your wedding, one strategy is to seat them together at a separate kids’ table, where you can even have engaging activities and/or crafts to keep them occupied. And, while it might be tempting to put the babies in a corner, try not to put the kid’s table too far away from where their parents are sitting. Younger children might get anxious when they look around and don’t see their parents anywhere (and vice versa). On the other hand, if your flower girl and ring bearer are the only children present, seat them with their parents.

7. Skip the Singles Table

If you’ve been dying to fix your old co-worker up with your cousin, you might take this opportunity to discreetly seat them next to each other. But resist the urge to create a separate “singles” table, which might embarrass your guests. Also, don’t seat your unmarried friend at a table full of married couples. Use your best judgement and try to be sensitive to guests’ feelings.


8. Keep the Venue in Mind

It’s easy to get caught up in who’s sitting where, but just don’t forget to give your VIPs the best seats in the house so they have a clear view of all the action and can jump into the celebration. Also, older guests may want to be a little further from the band (and not near a speaker). Guests in wheelchairs or those who need more mobility should be seated at tables that are either closer to one of the edges of the room or closer to the dance floor, so they’ll have plenty of space to maneuver as needed.

Seat younger guests who will be dancing all night near the band or the DJ, so they have easy access to the dance floor.

9. Option One: Make a Digital Seating Chart

Sites including WeddingWire, AllSeated, and Wedding Mapper make it incredibly easy to design a seating chart online. As an added bonus, these sites have drag n’ drop seating options, which makes it so simple to arrange (and rearrange) to your heart’s content. You can also customize the templates and try out different table options. AllSeated even has an extensive library of dimensions for actual venues; if yours is included, you can select it and the dimensions will auto-populate. In addition to customizing layouts for tables and seats, you can add other space-consuming setups—such as bar locations or additional seating areas—to really get a sense of how the space will flow.

10. Option Two: Create a Physical Seating Chart

For couples who would prefer to make a wedding seating chart that’s tactile, you can use one or more poster boards to create a physical layout you can play around with until you’ve found the right mix. After you decide on what type of tables you want and where they’ll be located, based on the dimensions of your venue, sketch them on the poster board. To save a lot of do-overs, keep things neat by writing each guest’s name on a Post-It and then simply stick (and un-stick) guests in different seating arrangements. Another option: a large white board and dry erase markers.

11. As an Alternative, Assign Tables Only

If you’re still not into an assigned seating master plan, why not consider assigning tables—without specific seats—instead? This way your wedding guests will still have some direction but can make their own choices, too, and no one will be scrambling for seats when you’re about to make your grand entrance. Just as you would with an assigned wedding seating chart, put thought into who you’ll be grouping together to make sure everyone’s got someone to talk to and will have a good time. If you forego assigned seats or tables, just make sure your elderly guests always have a designated place to sit down.

12. Convey All Table Assignments Clearly

When it comes to actually telling your guests where to sit, the goal for wedding table cards or place cards is to find that sweet spot between creativity and ease of use. Tented or envelope cards are the most traditional and can be arranged in a variety of ways depending on the type of tables you’re working with. Table assignment signs and charts can also work well. Arranging guests’ names in alphabetical order (versus grouped by table) means they’ll be able to find their seat faster, instead of having to read every table arrangement on the list to figure out where to go.

Opting for one or two long tables for everyone? A diagram with numbered seats, accompanied by an alphabetical list of guests’ names and their seat number, will get them in place with ease. A font that’s easier to read is always welcome, for any sort of signage. The bottom line: Having some sort of wedding seating plan, even if it’s just table assignments, will make your reception flow that much more smoothly.

Maid Of Honor Duties On The Wedding Day: Reception

Article By: Kim Forrest

If you’ve been asked to be a maid of honor (or matron of honor), first of all, congrats! This is a big honor, and can be fun and exciting. Of course, there are certain maid of honor duties and responsibilities you’ll be in charge of handling.

Stand next to the groom in the receiving line (optional)

Many couples choose not to have receiving lines these days, but if there is one, the maid of honor stands next to the groom and greets guests as they enter the reception.

Enter the reception with the best man

If the emcee is introducing the wedding party members as they enter the reception, the maid of honor usually enters with the best man. Whether or not you choose to do a silly dance as you enter is your call!

Help bustle the bride’s train—and use the restroom!

Before the wedding, it’s a good idea to learn how to bustle the bride’s gown—her bridal salon or seamstress can give a quick tutorial if you’re able to attend a dress fitting. Bustling the bride’s gown will help keep her dress’ train clean and make her dress more comfortable to dance in.

If the bride’s gown is particularly cumbersome, you might be enlisted to help the bride use the restroom. That’s what friends (and maids of honor) are for, right?

Play host

As before the wedding, guests will likely have questions during the event. Where’s the guest book? When’s the cake cutting? Where do I sit? Where can I put my gift? Part of the maid of honor’s role is to help answer questions and direct guests. And while guests are supposed to give their gifts directly to the newlyweds or place them on the gift table, you may be entrusted with a gift or two. Make sure any gifts are properly placed in a safe location.

Dance with the best man

One of the most important maid of honor duties is to have a great time and spend a lot of time on the dance floor. To help kick things off, the maid of honor traditionally dances with the best man for the song immediately following the first dance. If this seems a bit too formal or isn’t your style, no worries! Just be sure to be one of the first people on the dance floor, and encourage others to dance too!

Make sure the bride stays stress-free

If any mini-crises occur during the reception, don’t let on to the bride and groom. They should focus on enjoying the reception, not that the bride’s cousin got sick in the bathroom or the cake almost toppled over.

Give a toast after the best man

The maid of honor usually gives a speech after the best man. The maid of honor speech is usually relatively short, relaying about the bride, and her love and respect for the couple. As long as the speech comes from the heart, it’s sure to be a hit.

Make sure the bride eats and drinks

The last thing anyone wants to encounter is a hangry bride. Make sure that the bride eats and be sure to refresh her water glass throughout the night to keep her hydrated.

Collect wedding gifts if necessary

Before the wedding, find out where the couple would like their gifts to be transported after the reception. Ensure that the couple’s gifts end up in the right hands and in the correct location when the reception is over.

Tie up any other loose ends

From making sure the bride’s wedding gown is properly stored to ensuring that the top tier of the wedding cake ends up in a freezer, talk to the couple about any end-of-the-night duties they’d like the maid of honor to help complete.

Help the couple during and post-honeymoon

As the couple heads off on their honeymoon, see if there are any ways you can assist them—particularly if you live nearby. Perhaps you can check in on their house once in a while, dog sit, or bring over groceries before they head home. By helping the newlyweds out after the wedding, you’re showing that you’ll be there for them for life.

13 DIY Wedding Centerpieces We Love

Article By: marthastewartweddings / Photo Credit: Bryan Gardner


If you love yourself a good craft, you’re certainly not alone. When it comes to your nuptials, there’s plenty you can make, build, or create on your own, from décor to food and everything in between. One especially fun idea is DIYing your reception table centerpieces. With so many options out there, you’re sure to find a project you love, and something that suits your skill level, time frame, and budget. DIY centerpieces can help you save up for other aspects of your wedding. They can also allow you to take the reins and make something all your own. Ahead, ideas for adding personality and a homemade touch to one of the prettiest parts of your wedding reception décor.

Hardware Candle Centerpiece

This modern metallic centerpiece starts with a slab of stone tile ($7, homedepot.com) used as a runner. On top, insert both candlesticks and tea lights into mix-and-match copper-colored hardware you can get from your local store (3/4-inch brass pipe cap, $7.50; 3/4-inch copper pressure C x C coupling with stop, $9.50 for a bag of 10; and 1 1/2-inch copper tube cap, $6.50, homedepot.com). 

Peony Centerpieces and Favors

Peony Centerpieces and Favors


Group a few big, bold peonies together, and you’ve got a gorgeous tablescape. But that’s not all! Invite guests to take a vase home at the end of the evening, and you’ve got your favors covered, too. Simply arrange them on tables (make sure there are enough to go around) and add our custom clip-art sign.

Geometric Candle Sticks

Geometric Candle Sticks


Remember playing with wooden blocks as a kid—or learning to draw with them in art class? Those same educational toys can be transformed into modernist centerpieces with a quick trip to the hardware store and a coat of paint. But here’s a lesson you didn’t learn in kindergarten: A cone and cylinder, when stacked, make an inexpensive and eye-catching geometric candlestick, as does a cube all on its own. A small cut in a half-sphere or prism can also turn it into a place-card holder or table-number holder. Continue the theme with wooden bead napkin rings and chair garlands.

Tiered Bowl Centerpiece

Tiered Bowl Centerpiece


For a bold and cheery statement piece, fill tiered bowls with dense tufts of goldenrod, fuzzy clusters of mimosa, globelike craspedia balls, olive leaves, kumquats, lemons, and sprigs of fresh lavender.

Blooming Branches

Blooming Branches

Fit for a spring wedding, these branches bloom with handmade paper blossoms and are accented with millinery birds.

Decorated Glasses

Decorated Glasses


Clustered around a floral centerpiece, these gussied-up containers enhance any scene. We relied on common adhesives—glue, stickers, and tape—as well as paint and glitter to make basic glasses stun.

Pink Vinyl Centerpieces

Pink Vinyl Centerpieces

Snip plastic strips of hot pink vinyl to the same height as vases, roll them up, and slip them inside. Add a glue dot to keep the strip in place on larger vessels. 

Gold Embellishments

Gold Embellishments

Flowers and birds and clovers—oh, my! Sold by the sheet, Castle in the Air Dresden paper-backed foil trims take a zillion shapes, pack flat (perfect for a destination wedding), and are so wallet-friendly that even your grandma would agree they’re a good deal. Re-create this tablescape by using double-sided tape to affix the embellishments to clear glass vessels in varying sizes. Pair the golden hue with soft pastel blooms.

Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue Paper Flowers


In winter, when fresh blossoms may be harder to come by, these lush tissue-paper flowers are in full bloom. Their silver centers are actually Christmas balls, a nod to the season. Arranged at different heights in silver trumpet vases and mint julep cups, they bring whimsy to a formal reception table set in all white.

Floral Spheres

Floral Spheres


Spread out on lush lawns or placed on a pedestal, these whimsical globes consisting of hundreds of orange, red, fuchsia, and yellow gerbera daisies add a pop of color to your wedding.

Papier-Mâché Fruit

Papier-Mâché Fruit


A minimal centerpiece, like this whitewashed papier-mâché fruit arrangement piled on a cake stand and trimmed with silver millinery leaves, is as chic as it is unexpected.

Striped Luminarias

Striped Luminarias


Download our chic striped clip art to create this modern take on luminarias—paper bags with votives inside.

Accordion Accent Centerpieces

Accordion Accent Centerpieces


If you can print and fold, you cake make these luminarias, inspired by cake-decorating stencils.

Songs About June

Article by: Ashley McLeod

As June rolls in, we often think of the beach, warm weather and long days. Whether you plan to spend June chilling poolside, or making an epic road trip, a playlist is always in order. These are a few of the best songs about the month of June, and with a little something from every genre, everyone should be able to find something to make their perfect soundtrack of summer.

Train – “Drops of Jupiter”

Train‘s “Drops of Jupiter” definitely had its time in the sun as a hit pop song, but who remembers the line “Since the return from her stay on the moon/She listens like spring and she talks like June, hey, hey”? Whether you’re looking to bring back some 2000s nostalgia, or just enjoy a fun song, “Drops of Jupiter” is a great fit for your summer listening.

Photo Credit: Train official

Rascal Flatts – “Words I Couldn’t Say”

Bringing in the feels, Rascal Flatts get right to it with the line “In a line in a song I once heard/In a moment on a front porch late one June.” This song is a beautiful ode to someone who’s gone now, and everything you wish you’d said to them before they left. When you might be having all the overwhelming feelings on a long June night, Rascal Flatts are there for you.

Dean Martin – “June in January”

While technically more about January than the month of June, this Dean Martin classic still covers warm weather and love. Martin croons “I can feel the scent of roses in the air/It’s June in January/But only because I’m in love with you.” A little old fashioned music is never a bad choice, and Martin is of course one of the best.

Alan Jackson – “Rainy Day in June”

Alan Jackson‘s 2004 song reminds us that not every day in June is sunshine and dandelions. As Jackson says, he’s feeling pretty blue missing someone, and the gray skies of a rainy day aren’t helping. This touching song is a great choice to cover your more forlorn feelings during the summer’s happiest month.

Van Morrison – “Evening In June”

If this one doesn’t make you feel like you’re swinging in a hammock somewhere tropical, then just nothing might. Van Morrison tackles all of the classic June elements: blue skies, moonlight, sitting by the water, flowers, and of course, romance. The wind instruments are a nice touch in the track, giving it the perfect easy listening vibe.

Photo Credit: Jo Forest

The Smashing Pumpkins – “Bye June”

When June starts to fade away, this Smashing Pumpkins song is the perfect fit. Played acoustically on guitar, the song sees Billy Corgan’s voice take on a distinctively calmer feel than his usual screech. Though it lacks the anger and volume of much of the Pumpkins’ catalog, this song is a wonderfully refreshing, breezy take on one of the ultimate alternative bands, perfect for summer.

Bright Eyes – “June on the West Coast”

Providing the best California vibes this side of the Beach Boys, this Bright Eyes track takes the listener on a trip through warmer weather, dry breezes, and beaches where the Pacific ocean crashes hard. This song will resonate with anyone who’s waded through the feelings of where to settle down and place some roots, forgetting past loves, and dwelling on childhood memories.

The Decemberists – “June Hymn”

The ultimate song of June, The Decemberists’ folk-pop “June Hymn” heralds in summer in the most perfect way. Listening to this song will make you want to relax on the front porch, drinking a big glass of cold sweet tea, while reminiscing of your grandma hanging laundry on the line. It’s a perfectly sunny, happy song like this which will make you feel so lucky to be alive.

The Great Escape STL Wedding Band


The Great Escape is the Ultimate Party Band, covering the dance hits of today with a touch of the ones you grew up with. We cover everything from Journey, Prince, The Blues Brothers, Michael Jackson, Gretchen Wilson, Miranda Lambert, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Maroon 5, One Republic, to James Brown, CeeLo Green, The Roots, and much more. Please see our full Song List!

Check out their new video! Things will be opening up again soon, and they’ll be ready to play your wedding, private event, party, club, restaurant, etc. Check out their social media and give them a like & share!



Venue Spotlight: Silver Oaks Chateau

We opened in Summer of 2015 and haven’t stopped hosting unforgettable and elegant weddings since. Discover why so many brides have said “I Do” to Silver Oaks Chateau. Hosting couples tying the knot is our passion. On your wedding day, Silver Oaks Chateau is exclusively open for you and your guests.

Photo Credit: Silver Oaks

Silver Oaks Chateau is fortunate enough to feature 8 unique ceremony locations… and that’s just what we’ve come up with; the possibilities are endless! Whether you have 10 guests or 200, we are confident we are offering you the most beautiful, most flexible options. When you choose Silver Oaks Chateau, you are choosing to have your day, your way. Choose your ceremony time and location, tell us how you’d like the chairs set up, and add one of our arbors if you’d like!

Matt & Lauren | Wedding | 10.28.2017 | Ashley Fisher Photography

Approximately 6 months prior to your wedding date, we schedule your first of two bridal meetings. During this first meeting, we will help to develop the timeline for your day, go through the reception layout and explain what you can expect from us on your day. We will advise and direct, but in the end it is your call. Here are a few facts and key insights to be aware of prior to making any large decorating or seating decisions!

  • The maximum we can seat for a sit down dinner is 280 guests. This is assuming your head table is on the stage and your meal is served plated rather than utilizing a buffet.
  • We can fit 6 round tables in the balcony, a total of 60 guests.
  • Using all round tables, we can comfortably seat around 170 guests on the main floor.
  • The most we can seat on the stage is 16 people. The most we can seat in one line in front of the windows is 18 people.
  • We have 7 cocktail tables, a “sweetheart” table, and a cake table on wheels- all of which you are welcome to use.
  • Our stage measures 24’ W x 15’ D- you’ll notice we try to mirror the same size for the dance floor when creating your floor plan. That is a large dance floor for your sized group!
  • With a large group utilizing 2 buffets, your buffets will typically be set up on the dance floor at first and then quickly broken down in time for toasts and first dances.
  • Visit their website! http://www.silveroakschateau.com/
Photo Credit: Silver Oaks

Curious as to why Silver Oaks Chateau is rated the #1 Wedding Ceremony Venue in the St. Louis area? Click here to learn how to personalize your day.

Clever COVID Wedding Favors!

Article by: Melody Fanning

Covid-19, the unwanted wedding guest…

We know that getting married right now, or even a little later in the future might not give you the “picture perfect” wedding, but look on the bright side, it’s a wedding NOBODY will forget. Here are some cute and funny wedding favors that your guests will love!

Photo Credit: Amazon

According to the EPA Clorox, Purell, and Lysol are cleaning disinfectants that possibly kill corona-virus. Consider purchasing these miniature hand sanitizers, they might be the perfect wedding favor this season! I would also think about having hand sanitizer, wipes, or some type of disinfectant accessible in high usage/busy areas.

Photo Credit: Wedding Tokens

Roll with the flow and give your guests a wedding favor that they can use. Plus, it will give them a good laugh!

Photo Credit: Etsy

Even though you want to give everyone the biggest hugs, its best to stay 6 feet apart or be safe with elbow and fist bumps. But you can also let them know how much you really love and miss them by giving out this super cute candle as a wedding favor!

Photo Credit: pinterest

Give out these adorable tissue packages with your own little thank you notes! Your guests will definitely be needing them when they see you walk down the isle. Only happy tears here!

Photo Credit: Zazzle

Lastly, give your wedding guests something they wont forget, a cute mask embroidered with your wedding date and name. Your wedding will be unlike any other, and that’s okay because it will be memorable in it’s own special way. We’re always faced with so many challenges in life, this is just another challenge that we have get through, together!

Here is why Weekday Weddings are Awesome!

Article by: Melody Fanning

If your venue is not available for a Saturday wedding, you might just opt for a Friday or Sunday. But sometimes that isn’t always an option. Don’t be scared of weekday weddings! It is important to be open minded, especially right now! Many 2020 weddings have been postponed due to the corona-virus, and need to be rescheduled. That is quite a few weddings, which means dates are going fast. If your weekend date didn’t work out, don’t worry! Here are a few reasons to consider a weekday wedding.

Photo Credit: Caroline Yoon

They are trending in 2020!

Many people are looking for dates to reschedule their big day, so don’t feel weird about having a weekday wedding, they are going to be pretty common this year.

Most people have or are going to change their date

One in five are changing their wedding date, and between the months of May to December 2020, over 63,000 couples have now set ceremony dates for Mondays. Talk it out with your partner and really decide what is more important, the date or the venue?

Photo Credit: Caroline Yoon

You Can Change the Format of the Events

With a weekday wedding there is flexibility with scheduling events. Welcome party, wedding, brunch. Give your guests some unexpected moments! If you were going to have a welcome dinner the day before the wedding, maybe change it to a post wedding dinner. That way you can get a chance to reconnect after a night of fun and keep celebrating!

Weekday Weddings Work!

If you are unable to get your desired weekend date then you should start looking at other days of the week, specifically Mondays. A Monday wedding increases the chance that your original team of vendors will be available. It also follows a weekend, which will give your guests time to travel and settle. You might also plan a warm welcome party where your loved ones can connect and really prepare themselves for your big day!

8 Cute Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding!

Article by Melody Fanning

A day so magnificent should be shared with ALL your friends and family. Yes, I am talking about your life long four-legged bestie. Ideally, every engaged couple would want them by their side. But let’s be real, a lot of times this isn’t always practical. Have no fear, here are 8 totally adorable ways you can also include your pet in your wedding!

Have your pet attend the wedding!

Remember that there are plenty of variables that will determine whether your pet will be able to attend. Some things include the location, venue, and obviously your pet! Really make sure consider your pet’s character when reading about these next few ideas. Don’t think that just because you don’t have a dog or cat, that you can’t bring your pet. Many couples have brought their horses, rabbits and goats with them on their big day!

Photo Credit: Sonya Khegay

Walk down the aisle together

Your furry companion has been there for you during the good and bad times. So, they definitely need to be present for the “I dos” just imagine how memorable!

Photo Credit: The Lous

Dress up your furry friend!

Dress your pup up in a matching bow tie of the groomsmen or a little doggy dress so she could be an honorary flower girl!

Photo Credits: Pinterest

 Include them in a few pictures!

Even if your pet can’t make it down the aisle, you can still have forever lasting memories by including them in pictures!

Photo Credits: Annie kheffache

Make them the ring bearer

Have a custom pillow made for your fur baby to carry down the aisle. (Of course, entrust the real rings to the best man)

Photo Credit: Mlyari

Mention them in the ceremony

One of the easiest ways to include your pet in your wedding is by mentioning them in your ceremony! You could also reserve a seat for them just so they are in spirit!

Incorporate them into your cake

Another simple way to have your bestie with you on your big day is to add them in your wedding cake!  You can ask your baker to incorporate your furry friend or even get an animal cake topper!

Photo Credit: Britt Chudleigh

Include them in your decorations!

There are so many ways you can give your pet some spotlight when adding them to your stationary! It could be as simple as putting up a cute display or adding pictures together on your save the dates!

Have You Thought About Your Wedding Colors?

Article by Melody Fanning

Drawing up the details of your wedding all starts with choosing the right colors! Wedding colors can majorly impact your look and how you feel on your big day, so you should take your time making right decision. Knowing how to pick your wedding colors is often easier said than done. But don’t worry! Here are a few tips on how to begin your thought process!

Photo credits: Amy Nicole

Choose a main color and get inspired!

When thinking about your wedding colors, you need to choose one main color in order to build the rest of your palette. Base colors can range from anywhere on the color wheel! It all just depends on the kind of aesthetic you are going for. But most importantly, make sure that it is something that YOU absolutely love!

Decide on what kind of style/aesthetic you want

How do you want your friends and family to feel on your wedding day? More importantly, how do YOU want to feel on your wedding day? Creating an aesthetic with visually appealing colors can bring beauty to your whole venue. Perhaps you want an elegant palette, with deep and rich colors of ruby, emerald, and sapphire. Or maybe you want a light passionate palette with pretty pastels. Get creative with it! Decide what kind of style are you going for and make it your own. Really think about the atmosphere you want to have on your big day!

Photo credits: Amy Nicole

Consider your venue

Next, think about your venue and its surroundings. Is your venue an open ballroom style with empty white walls? If so, then choose your colors freely and get creative! Other venues such as hotels, cathedrals, and country clubs usually tend to have their own little decorations. If that’s the case, then look at what colors are already in place and incorporate those into your palette. You want to make sure that your palette complements your venue and vice versa.

Photo credits: Amy Nicole

What Season is it?

Think about the time of the year and what colors will flow. For instance, lighter colors like a rosy blush would be perfect for spring, and in the summer, brighter colors like a saffron yellow would pop! Maybe you want the fall seasonal standard of sea buttery neutrals and monochromatic darks, or the cool light pastels for winter. Whatever the season, be sure not to diss the colors you absolutely love just because of the seasonal rules!

Photo credits: Amy Nicole

Don’t stress!

Choosing your colors should be something fun and inspirational, don’t get too caught up in having every single detail matching. Give your look some variety! Also, don’t be afraid to be a little selfish, choose colors that will flatter YOU! Use your palette as more of a guideline rather than a regulation, and lastly have fun with it!

Photo Credits: Amy Nicole