Wedding Sushi S1E5 – “Wedding Transportation and Things To Consider”

In today’s episode of Wedding Sushi, we hear about Brian Klimaski’s fascinating career path, and how he went from baseball in New Jersey, to nightclubs with rockstars in Vegas, to becoming the Sales Director for Missouri’s largest transportation company: JED

We touch on all of the Frequently Asked Questions that engaged couples typically ask during the booking process, PLUS very important aspects most people wouldn’t even think about.

what style?

When it comes to the vehicle of your choice, would you prefer perimeter seating? Or forward-facing seating?

where to?

Think about where you will need to be picked up from, and all of the stops along the way…. Do you want a limo or party bus to pick you up from home, to take you to your wedding location?  Or do you only need transportation from your ceremony to the reception, with picture stops in between?  Where will you be stopping to take photos?  Have you created a travel timeline with your photographer?

are you local?

Have you selected a wedding venue that is in the St. Louis metro area? Or have you booked a venue that is further away?  When you’re budgeting for your transportation, there may be travel fees involved.

need a restroom?

If you and your wedding party will be traveling for an extended period of time, have you considered choosing a vehicle that has restrooms? JED offers 19 different coaches/shuttles that offer this option.

how many people?

Let’s talk about capacity…. Who will be riding along?  Wedding party, family, photographers…. Come up with a headcount so you know how many people you need to account for when looking at vehicle options.

extra space!

Brian recommends building in extra buffer space for your wedding day.  You do not want to be squished in like sardines, so choosing an option that has MORE room is always the best choice!  For example, if you have 25 people riding along, book a coach or bus that can seat up to 35.  You’ll appreciate the elbow room.

road restrictions?

Some small towns have road restrictions due to vehicle height, width, and weight.  Will you need to be traveling down tiny country roads? Ask your venue coordinator if they know about any road restrictions you should be aware of.


Wedding Sushi S1E4 – “How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Venue”


Just remember- planning a wedding is not a sprint and it’s not a marathon…. It’s more like a nice long walk. With a little thoughtful pre-planning, you should have a great experience!

Before you begin to look for any vendors- sit down with your peeps and outline what you’re looking for. There are no right answers. Go with what speaks to you and your fiancé and families.

· A big wedding with lots of guests or an intimate affair. Think about how many guests you’d like.

· What type of wedding? Outdoor/Indoor? Art Gallery? Hotel Ballroom? Country Club? Barn? Winery?

· What day of the week and times? Is brunch your ideal party or would you prefer a traditional sit-down dinner on a Saturday night.

When you work out these questions- the whole process will be much smoother.

After you outline your ideal ceremony and reception- now it’s time to DIG IN with BUDGET!! UGH. I know. Thinking about money sucks. But it is a must. There are plenty of FREE Budget Planners out there that will do the work for you.


You put in your budget and it will separate how much couples will typically spend in that category. For example—your OVERALL reception costs should be about 50%-55% of your budget. This includes venue, beverages, food, rentals, etc. This doesn’t include décor or entertainment.

I have seen exhausted couples and parents touring venue after venue- eating up their entire weekend. Touring totally different styles of venues and places that they could not afford.


Your Name / Your Fiance’s Name- They Count Too.

How to contact you. Email/Phone

The Date(s)

The Times

How many guests

The type of wedding- Give a little information

Why you’re asking about their venue.

When their sales team gives site visits.

After you book the interview- don’t forget to let the tour guide know who is coming with you. Try to keep the group to immediate family and maybe key players.


How many hours are included with the rental? When can my vendors/family arrive for set up?

Are there any décor restrictions?

How many parking spaces? How many handicapped?

Are you ADA Compliant?

How many restrooms do you offer? Take a look!

What is the deposit? What is the payment structure?

What about cancelling?

Tell me about your insurance.


Calligraphy Engraving

Susan houseman designs

Hello, my name is Susan Houseman and I would like to tell you a little more about my work. I fell in love with calligraphy at a very young age.  I was self taught until my early 20’s when I began studying with Master Calligraphers and Master Pen men and women from around the world.

I have all types of clients, professional and private.  My calligraphy has been published in national magazines and I have been in numbers gallery shows. I have developed a stamp line for Stampington & Company.  In 2020 I add engraving to my portfolio, and that is when my Soul Stones were developed. 

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traditional calligraphy

Calligraphy for your wedding invitations, parties, or just sending a card is so important these days.  It’s a way to connect with people in a very personal way. 

what is calligraphy engraving?

Engraving adds a unique touch to any event by providing a personalized shopping experience for your guest and customers.  Susan’s goal as a calligraphy engraver, is to make a memorable item for my customers.

What are soul stones?

Susan’s love of calligraphy and a desire to have a tangible reminder of life’s priorities helped to bring these Soul Stones to life. 
They are glass stones that are hand engraved with words that resonate with our heart and mind. The Soul Stones are hugs that you can give to yourself or to others. They also make great team building gifts.

do you have questions about wedding services?