AllegroLive Summer Concerts!


It is with heavy hearts that we announce the cancelation of our AllegroLive Summer Concert Series.

We felt confident that we were creating the perfect event, to bring community together again, but despite our tireless efforts, we have not received the attendance and commitment to continue.

These types of productions cost a lot of money, and require a significant amount of man power to pull-off, so without the support of online sales and sponsorship backing, it’s too much expense for a small business to shoulder alone.

We will try again in the near future, when we feel confident that we can achieve a greater participation rate.

We want to thank everyone who attended! We had so much fun with you, and look forward to hosting you again at another upcoming show!

For other community events taking place this Summer, we encourage you to sign-up online if you know you are planning on attending. It’s a weird time, so showing your support will help keep organizers plan accordingly to keep these events alive.