Wedding Hair Trends of 2020 You Need to Know About

By: Maddy Sims

These colors, cuts and styles are about to be huge.

Wedding Hair Trends

Searching for the perfect weddng hairstyle? While Instagram and Pinterest are useful tools for gathering bridal beauty inspiration, to-be-weds can also turn to wedding hair trends to see what might work best. Whether you’re a fashion-forward bride-to-be or you just want fresh fringe ideas, we went ahead and tapped professional stylists to get their thoughts on the biggest hairstyle concepts for 2020. Plus, we cross-referenced popular runway styles from Bridal Fashion Week too. See seven wedding hair trends that’ll pop this year, according to the experts. Once you find the perfect style, work with a professional hair stylist to get your desired bridal look.


Wedding Hair Trends Chignon

What’s old is new again—at least when it comes to wedding hair trends. This old-school style was the most popular celebrity wedding hairstyle in 2019—which is why we predict it’ll continue surging in 2020. Stars like Hailey Bieber, Lea Michele and Sadie Robertston all rocked this clean, classic look. 

“A chignon is a hairstyle that is placed in the desired location at the back of the head. It can either be a knot or a coil of the entire ponytail,” says Paul Mitchell educator and Salon Tres owner Emma Fitzgerald. Looking to steal the style? Check out her detailed instructions on how to achieve a chignon.


Wedding Hair Trends Twilighting

Meet Twilighting, a more subtle spin on the ever-popular balayage trend. “Balayage on the hair is usually over-lightened and can fade into a brassy mess, resulting in a lot of upkeep,” says Kate Reid, COLOR.ME director at KEVIN.MURPHY. The Twilight trend is low-maintenance and easily-achieved with a subtle variation of shades that are just two to three shades lighter than the hair. As there’s no bleach or lightener used, those who want to rock the latest color trend won’t have to worry about any brassy fading.

Turmeric Latte

Wedding Hair Trends Turmeric Latte

Turmeric latte shades (think: golds and apricots) are becoming a massive hair trend for 2020. “By adding warmth to the hair, it gives an instant glow and healthy appearance to our skin,” Reid says. “This helps enhance our features, makes us look well-rested, and adds color to our cheeks.” Beloved by the likes of Margot Robbie and Blake Lively, this trend especially suits warm to neutral skin tones.


Wedding Hair Trends Citrus

Thinking of rocking a bold hair color for your wedding day? You’re right on-trend, according to Reid. “The biggest incoming shades for 2020 are tangerine, mandarin, burnt peach and golden red tones,” she says. Reid predicts these bright, fun colors will be a massive hair trend for 2020—perfect for nearlyweds with a unique sense of style. Consult a professional about your chosen color and the required upkeep. “I can’t stress enough that you need some time to ease into any changes before your wedding.”

Sleek Middle Part

Wedding Hair Trends Middle Part

So you want your wedding hair style to look on-trend, but you don’t want to do anything too drastic. Rock a sleek and dramatic middle part for your nuptials. According to Brittany King, stylist at Mare Salon in Los Angeles, this celeb-approved style (check out Hailey Bieber’s middle-parted bun) is going to be popular among brides in 2020. An added bonus of the style: it can give the illusion of length and symmetry. Plus it will draw attention to the center of your face—perfect for showing off your wedding day makeup.

Lots of Length

Wedding Hair Trends Lots of Length

If you’re envisioning an ultra-romantic wedding day style, this bridal hair trend is perfect for you. King says long locks for your nuptials will certainly be one hair trend this year. Work with your stylist to come up with a maintenance plan so that your hair looks gorgeously healthy on your wedding day. If you don’t have the length you’d like, King suggests using extensions. “They add length and volume without any damage.” Be sure to bring your extensions to your hair and makeup trial so you can see if you like the way they look.

Short, Textured Cuts

Wedding Hair Trends Short, Textured Curls

While long hair has remained a wedding day staple, King predicts we’ll see plenty of short, textured styles in 2020. This hair trend was all over the runways at New York Bridal Fashion Week, confirming that short hairstyles are having a major moment in weddings right now. We love these cuts because they allow you to fully show off your gorgeous wedding day outfit too.