8 Cute Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding!

Article by Melody Fanning

A day so magnificent should be shared with ALL your friends and family. Yes, I am talking about your life long four-legged bestie. Ideally, every engaged couple would want them by their side. But let’s be real, a lot of times this isn’t always practical. Have no fear, here are 8 totally adorable ways you can also include your pet in your wedding!

Have your pet attend the wedding!

Remember that there are plenty of variables that will determine whether your pet will be able to attend. Some things include the location, venue, and obviously your pet! Really make sure consider your pet’s character when reading about these next few ideas. Don’t think that just because you don’t have a dog or cat, that you can’t bring your pet. Many couples have brought their horses, rabbits and goats with them on their big day!

Photo Credit: Sonya Khegay

Walk down the aisle together

Your furry companion has been there for you during the good and bad times. So, they definitely need to be present for the “I dos” just imagine how memorable!

Photo Credit: The Lous

Dress up your furry friend!

Dress your pup up in a matching bow tie of the groomsmen or a little doggy dress so she could be an honorary flower girl!

Photo Credits: Pinterest

 Include them in a few pictures!

Even if your pet can’t make it down the aisle, you can still have forever lasting memories by including them in pictures!

Photo Credits: Annie kheffache

Make them the ring bearer

Have a custom pillow made for your fur baby to carry down the aisle. (Of course, entrust the real rings to the best man)

Photo Credit: Mlyari

Mention them in the ceremony

One of the easiest ways to include your pet in your wedding is by mentioning them in your ceremony! You could also reserve a seat for them just so they are in spirit!

Incorporate them into your cake

Another simple way to have your bestie with you on your big day is to add them in your wedding cake!  You can ask your baker to incorporate your furry friend or even get an animal cake topper!

Photo Credit: Britt Chudleigh

Include them in your decorations!

There are so many ways you can give your pet some spotlight when adding them to your stationary! It could be as simple as putting up a cute display or adding pictures together on your save the dates!