The History Of Wedding Planning

We have noticed that the role of the professional wedding planner has evolved over the years. As long as men and women have been getting married, there have been people to arrange all of the details and help plan the wedding day. Let’s look back at a brief history of weddings, which has brought Gold Leaf Event Design and Production where we are today!

1919- After WWI as formal weddings became more popular those without full-time social secretaries realized they needed help managing the caterer, the invitation printer, the florist and the seamstress and so the wedding planner was born.

Sara Hasstedt: Photographer

1924- Marshall Field’s invented the wedding registry and the idea quickly caught on at other department stores as a way for couples to let their friends and family know which china, silver and crystal patterns they preferred.

1925- During the Jazz Age Wedding vendors began to see the profit potential of marketing to brides and the stores began opening bridal departments that offered all kinds of merchandise geared toward weddings including bridal dresses.


1968- Demand for air travel reached an all time high and the introduction of the first 747 Jumbo Jet made exotic honeymoon destinations a realistic and affordable option for newlyweds.  

1974- During the 70s the desire to have a unique wedding went beyond distinctive wedding attire. The ceremony itself also became more personalized including the choice of venue. Weddings were starting to move out of churches and the concept of having a destination wedding took off!

1981- The wedding of Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles was a game changer in the wedding world. 750 million people watched the ceremony on television and soon brides everywhere were visualizing a fairytale wedding. Everyone began channeling their inner royal. Extra lace accents, longer veils, and bigger bouquets thrived.
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